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Welcome to Safety By Design Consultant Services

We focus on the small and medium size business, as we want to ensure they have the opportunity to have the same quality of safety programs that large organizations and corporations have at an affordable rate.  We want to provide the necessary safety solutions that will protect your employees and your assets. Safety by Design is a fully insured company with general liability, errors and omissions, workers comp and automobile coverage. Safety by Design Consulting Services is an approved vendor for American Sugar Refining Group.

As  your “Safety Solution Professionals” we offer a Free Safety Evaluation. This evaluation of your facility and has a minimum value of $5,000 to 10,000 depending on size, number of shifts and scope of operations and it is given to you at absolutely no cost.

We have saved companies tens of thousands of dollars and we can and do the same for you.  When you partner with us we will minimize your exposure to unsafe conditions, potential work related injuries,and OSHA citations by providing you with high quality services, programs, training, and oversight.

The purpose of our evaluation is to determine the commitment you have as an organization in regards to protecting your employees and establishing an effective safety program.  During this process we have an opening meeting so we can listen, hear and understand your safety concerns.

We conduct an initial evaluation of your facility identifying potential OSHA, NFPA and NEC violations and / or safety issues.  After we complete our walk through, we discuss our findings and offer you solutions minimizing your employee’s exposure to unsafe conditions.

Our evaluation process is to identify and reduce potential losses regarding work related injuries, compensation costs and OSHA/DOT/EPA/FDA violations, while enhancing the safety and oversight of your current operations and or construction projects.

Safety Consultant Indiana

Our partnership will make your company more profitable, your employees safer, and your operation(s) more efficient. We are here to help and support your company in the states of Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky.

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